DIY All Natural Air-Freshener - better than store bought AND cheaper!

DIY All-Natural Air Freshener

You all know how I love my essential oils for everything from stress and anxiety to ear aches and skin issues - but another way that I LOVE to use my oils is for home cleaning and personal care products! They are wonderful for diaper wipes and cream, foaming hand soap, laundry soap, hand sanitizer and much more!  So, today I want to share another one of my favorite DIY recipes that I use every single day, all day long - DIY All-Natural Air Freshener! This air freshener works so much better than any commercial air freshener in the way that it actually removes the smell instead of just covering it up.  Believe me.  I've used them all with my home daycare. (think lots and lots of poopy diapers) Even if they say they remove smells - they don't. They just cover them up with a horrible purfumey smell.  It actually makes it worse, in my opinion.  BUT, this homemade recipe does the opposite.  It actually removes the smell and leaves a light fragrance that lasts just a little bit and ... read more

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