Our 1st Family Fall

With the 1st day of Fall here.  It made me start to think back on how different my life was just 3 short years ago.  We were living in a different town, with only 1 baby.  I worked full-time as a Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and my husband in the Governor’s Office and evenings in a restaurant.  We worked hard and long hours. My baby girl, Ella, spent her days with her sitter and evenings mostly with me.

Now, we have 2 children and live in a different town. I stay home and run a daycare and my husband only works one job with the Secretary of State’s Office and spends his days and weekends with us.  It’s great!  I feel so blessed for what we have accomplished and gained in such a short time.  Life is good!

Fall 2007

Fall 2007


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    Beautiful picture and story. It’s always wonderful when hard work finally pays off, isn’t it. Years ago Scott and I worked two jobs as well. It is such a blessing that I am able to now work from home for myself. It’s good to never forget our blessings, isn’t it? Happy WW!

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