Hear Ye, Hear Ye…The Princess Tea Was A Success!

This weekend, my baby girl turned 4.  I can hardly believe it!  She was just a baby last year…


And look at her this year.


How is it even possible that this is the same child? She has those same little dimples but she looks so grown up!  A big preschooler who loves dogs and puppies more than you could ever imagine and an amazing big sister to her little brother – who I might add is growing like a weed as well!

So, to celebrate this big girl’s 4th Birthday, she requested a Princess Tea Party and a Princess Tea Party was what she got!


We invited her closest little friends for a morning of dressing up like Princesses, snacks of jelly sandwiches, veggies and Nutella roll-ups, lots of playtime and decorating cupcakes.  It was the perfect 1st big girl party!

The girls were welcomed to our home by a huge banner that was provided  by Dress up and Play Parties. This amazing company also provided the adorable costumes, loot bags and and a craft.


The girls couldn’t wait to be transformed into beautiful Princesses and that’s where we started the party!   Ella had her own special costume, while the other girls had matching dresses.  They each had gloves, crowns, wands and beads that were included in their loot bags along with “glass” slippers, princess stickers, pencils and more!



Once the girls were dressed up, it was time to get all dolled up with painted nails and glittery make-up.


Tea was  served in real China, of course along side of all of the Disney Princess decorations.  Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White were all there!


I was amazed at how quiet and polite all the girls were.  They were taking this Princess thing quite seriously!

Once it was time to open the presents, the volume got a little louder in our living room!  “Here, Ella…open mine!”  “Ooooo…I love it, Ella!  Can I play with your doll?!”  It was so cute!  They were all as excited to give Ella her gifts as Ella was to receive them.  Ella ripped into them like it was Christmas morning!


Instead of a big cake this year (well, I made one…it just wasn’t for the party) we made pink cupcakes and let the girls decorate with their choice of toppings.  It went surprisingly well!  I was prepared for a big mess…but not these Princesses!


And what better way than to round out a Princess Party then to play The Princess Limbo!  Yes…you read that right.  It was the Princess Limbo – that was the only game Ella wanted to play and I’m telling you, these girls laughed so hard!  They had a ball!! I was kinda afraid someone was going to get their head knocked off on the stick…but it didn’t happen thankfully!


It was an amazing day for my Ella.  She was so happy and excited to have all her friends at her house, to introduce them to her dog, Daisy and to play with her toys and in her bedroom.  She was more than thrilled to get dressed up and to have the party be as laid back as she wanted it to be.  No stress…not too many people running around.  A perfect 1st big girl party indeed!


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