It’s Time

It’s Sunday again.  It seems to come faster each weekend.  The weather is turning nicer and the days are getting longer, but I long for longer than the weekend.  I’m ready for a vacation.  Not just a vacation that is filled with the familiarity and daily life of home, but a vacation of new experiences and relaxation.  I need the beach.  I need the warm sunshine on my face, the sand on my toes and the smell of sweet, salty air. It’s time to get away…time to take time for ourselves, time to spend with our children for the first time without distractions of everyday life.

It’s been too long since we’ve had a real vacation.  Almost 6 years to be exact. We vacationed in the Outer Banks for our honeymoon in 2005.  My Aunt was nice enough to allow us to stay at her beach house as a gift.  We stayed one block from the ocean, but the view from the deck was nothing by waves and seagulls.  It was the most relaxed I had been in years and I don’t believe I have been since then.

It’s time to introduce my children to the shore. I look forward to seeing their little faces when they see the ocean for the first time, when they walk on the warm sand for the first time and when they take their first breath of the fresh ocean air.  It’s a magical experience.  One that I remember as a child.

Each year, we would travel to the beach with my family.  I remember staying in my grandparents motor home and grilling out our meals.  I remember laying in a hammock under a tree and taking naps after a long morning of building sandcastles and collecting seashells.  As we got older, we stayed in beach houses and hotels.  The experience was always new and exciting each year.

Beach vacations with my children are something I want them to remember when they are older and have their own children.  It’s a tradition I want to carry on with them our whole lives through.

It’s time to plan.  Time to add more quality of life to our lives. Time to rejuvenate and breath again.

What revitalizes you?  Do you have special traditions with your family to reconnect when life gets hectic?  Share with me!


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  1. says

    I’d like to start a tradition with my family of going on a nice relaxing beach trip each year. Problem is, until my kids are older it won’t be very relaxing for me, lol!

    • says

      OH, I know, Rose. I’m wondering if it will be a ton more work than home. I think if you go for a simple trip with not a lot of running around…it just COULD be relaxing!

  2. Ric Robinson says

    We sure had some great vacations together. But then there was that one time when you found ‘old petee’ in the cereal box!!!
    Love you-all,

  3. Kari says

    We did have a lot of fun. And I found old petee LOL. It was my cereal surprise. Kasey have you heard anything about where you are going this summer?

  4. says

    That is why we try to go to the beach every Sunday, it’s where we unplug to just chill, no tv, no computers, just us and the kids and it’s great!

    You’d think we’d go more but with work, school and stuff we still need to make the time.

    Hope you get your getaway to the shore soon! Until then, visit me virtually 😉 xoxo Sarah
    .-= Sarah, The Ohana Mama´s last blog ..Wish you were here… =-.

    • says

      I would love to live near the beach. I would HAVE to make time to go as well. I guess you guys don’t just spend everyday laying around by the ocean, huh?! : )

  5. says

    Hello Kasey,
    My three children are grown with kids of their own. Our memories of our summer vacation camping at the lake are very happy ones. Learning to swim, to make a camp fire, to chase after fireflies, to make toad villages, to befriend the squirrrels, to finally have no daily schedules to follow…that is what a vacation should be.


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