LeapFrog “Learn, Create, Share” Party Review

LeapFrog Learn, Create, Share

We were lucky enough to receive free LeapFrog products to hold a LeapFrog “Learn, Create, Share” party in our home.

We shared the LeapFrog Tag Learning System, The LeapFrog World Map and the NEW LeapFrog LeapPad learning pad – LOVED them all!  These toys are not only fun, they are educational and engaging.  You can feel good about knowing that your kids are learning as they play and aren’t just “killing time”.

I put together a video review of all of these products for you to check out before you head to the store –  I think you’re really gonna like them.   I know that I did! The adults loved the products as much as the kids!   Here’s my thoughts on the NEW LeapFrog products for the holiday season!   Enjoy!



  1. Lisa G. says

    We love Leap Frog products and thanks for your great review. I’m hoping to get my daughter the LeapPad learning pad for Christmas.

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