Creating An Easter Garden

One of the projects we did as a family this week to prepare for Easter, was to make an Easter Garden.  I found this idea on Pinterest (my favorite source for inspiration for ALL things) and knew that it would be a great way to get us all involved.

Empty Tomb Garden


The idea behind it is that on Friday, we will take Jesus (a paper version of the Messiah that my daughter drew) wrapped in a white cloth and place him inside the “tomb” and cover the opening with a large rock.  On Sunday, we will remove the rock and see that Jesus is no longer there!   He has risen!!

empty tomb garden

First, take a larger bottom of a clay pot and fill the bottom with small rocks. Place a small clay flower pot on it’s side within the rocks so that they keep the pot secure from rolling around.

Use a potting soil, such as Jiffy Seed Starting Mix and wet it by mixing it in a bowl with water so that it will pack down.  Start mounding the soil over the small pot to form a hill.

Next, add some smaller rocks outside the tomb and around the side to make a pathway.

Now, using quick start grass seed, wheat grass or cat grass and cover the dirt with the seeds and water in well.

Finally, use some smaller twigs from around your yard and hot glue them into the form of a cross and place them on the hill.  I added some twine around the twigs as well.

That’s it!  Keep in a sunny location and spritz the soil with water to keep it moist. You should have spouts in as little as a week.

If you’d still like to make this project for this weekend, you could use smaller plants from a nursery or home and garden center or even take grass from your yard and plant it on this garden.  Either way, it’s the meaning behind the garden that is most important!

This garden has sat on our kitchen table since we made it and the kids have loved watching the grass sprout and grow!  We are really looking forward to  using our Easter Garden to tell the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection to our children.  We hope you’ll be able to use this idea to make your own Easter Garden, too!

For other Easter ideas…see our posts on Dying Easter Eggs and Making Resurrection Rolls.


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